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Jenny Du would be very sad right now

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

Jenny Du would be very sad that the world lost a wonderful and intelligent person yesterday. Leif Nissen will be greatly missed by many people that have been fortunate enough to be his friend.

Jenny Du would think the Google Analytics team is awesome

Friday, November 14th, 2008

Google Analytics logoJenny Du loves Google Analytics and after Wednesday’s Google sponsored Philadelphia Web Analytics, I love them more. Raku Coryne and Rachel Meyers visited us in Philadelphia and gave us a great demonstration on the tools within public beta. They also opened up the Google Store metrics for Eric Matisoff (razorfish) and Joe Sanders (Comcast) to assess and provide reporting and recommendations. Eric and Joe did such fabulous jobs that the Google team are planning on sharing the findings with their Google Store team.

The crowd had wonderful questions for Eric, Joe, and the Google staff making the interaction an amazing one. It was a lively, engaging event and more than 40 attendees joined. Jenny Du would still be ecstatic about the event.

Jenny Du would go rock climbing in New Paltz

Friday, November 14th, 2008

Jenny Du would confront her fear of falling by rock climbing in the Gunks. Is that a little too aggressive? Maybe, but I was with two very skilled climbers (Charlie and Chip) and the weather was the most amazing it has been in a while. Sure I freaked out a few times and maybe hugged the trees and ledges a little too desperately, but I got a few nice pics out of the whole experience.

By the way, who says you can’t look fashionable while doing things outdoors? Jenny Du would :)

Jenny Du rock climbing

Jenny Du would be in love with the Carnival giant pinata

Monday, November 3rd, 2008

Giant pinata on Broad and Washington

Jenny Du would ooh and ah and gush over the giant pinata that Carnival cruise line built on Broad and Washington. The pinata was about 61 feet tall, 60 feet long, and 23 feet wide and filled with 8,000 pounds of candy. It officially beat the Microsoft 48 feet tall pinata built in Mexico City in 2006. It is seriously tugging on my heart strings!