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Jenny Du would giggle at David Temple’s SEO tattoo posting

Friday, October 10th, 2008

David Temple is awesomeJenny Du would love love love David Temple’s idea for “Whose Tat Iz Dat?” I thought I had a great time taking some of these pictures, but somehow David made it MORE fun with this wonderful game. So the fun lives on. SEO tattoos…what an idea!

Jenny Du would climb the Google dinosaur

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

Jenny Du and Dare Bear at the Google dinosaur

Some people have asked why I climbed the Google dinosaur. The simple answer is “because I can.” Basically, this is something Jenny Du would do. Was it difficult? No. Dare Bear hoisted me above its ankle and a few feet higher, we were ready to pose. The Google security guard was nice enough to wait until we had a few key shots before asking me to get down for my safety.

The question you may have is, “how impressive is this really?” Let’s consider the picture below. It’s a fuzzy shot of the same night, at the Google Dance 2008. Loren Baker, who is nearly 7 feet tall, is just within danger level with the dinosaur’s head. He is much braver than me. While I braved the climb, estimated at 6 feet above ground, Loren did not fear the bite of the beast. Ah SES San Jose 2008.

Look how tall Loren is relative to the Google dinosaur